In my quest to fulfil my narcissistic needs I have taken to chaos/pop
magic. Basically I have tried to summon Elvis and the Scorpion Gods
(best name for a band there is if anyone wants it) to lavish my life
with the luxuries I think I deserve. Its not going great. But I do get
to invoke them by the power of wanking, so it’s a belief system and a
hobby (hey, and you can drop your snooty attitude too, praying to a 2000
year old buoyant, party catering superhero is just as fucking stupid).

On my readings I came across (literally) a baddie named Ahriman- he who
lives upon lies; he is a spirit of untruth, the ‘Father of lies’. He’s
like Satan, supersized. He wants us all to concentrate our energies in
‘the real’ world where bills and toothache and plastic shapes rule. He’s
trying to stop us connecting to that one great consciousness, he wants
us all to ignore the truth that ‘god’ is us and we can chose what
reality is if we just see each other on a spiritual level for the divine
deities we all are. Yeah he hates us doing that. He’s a bit of a prick
really. But to counter that he does say, stop thinking too deep about
weird crap, have an ice-cream and watch wrestling. And it is Friday so
fuck it, I’m getting a Cornetto and watching Smackdown